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Dog Spa Pet Grooming Santarosa, CA
Dog Spa Pet Grooming Santarosa, CA




Grooming for some dogs/cats can be a stressful experience for many different reasons, I do my best to make this experience a positive one with calm energy, aromatherapy, flower essence, massage, and acupressure points. I never double book appointments, there are not loud animals waiting in cages to be groomed . I am certified and trained through animal behavior college.

We never use cage dryers, this is the leading causes of fatal grooming accidents.  Your pet here at Dog Spa is always personally attended to and fluff dried by hand. Your pets safety is our #1 concern “Because your pets health is important to us, we require that all clients bring a printed copy of their current vaccination records once a year. We require each pet to be up to date on their vaccinations for rabies, parvovirus/lepto, and bordatella. This ensures that all of the clients pets are being groomed in a healthy and safe environment. We also take additional precautions to ensure the health and safety of your pet. Our grooming facility is thoroughly sanitized daily. In addition each and every tool is also thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in between each use. So you will never again have to worry about your pet catching something at the groomers.


Dog Grooming

Full Service grooming to make sure your pet looks it’s best!

Dog Spa Pet Grooming Santarosa, CA

Mobile Nail Trimming

We’ll come to you for nail trims!

Pamper your dog with a spa treatment in a full service groom at dog spa your dog will have their paw pads & nails trimmed, ears & eyes cleaned, bath, blow dry, and a haircut (if needed).
Grooming is not just about maintaining your dogs level of cleanliness, and it’s not just about keeping your dog good looking. Grooming is about maintaining both your dogs physical health as well as appearance.
A benefit of using a professional groomer like Jill is that it allows you to check the dog for any abnormalities. This includes skin problems such as ticks, fleas, and dry patches, or issues with their nails, teeth, ears, and eyes such as infection or inflammation. When found at an early stage, these problems can be treated right away, before they have a chance to become more serious. Grooming helps keep your dog happy and healthy.
Professional pet groomers know your pets muscle groups and can give your dog a healthy and pleasurable massage that will relax your pet. A proper massage has numerous health benefits: de-stresses the pet and stimulates the dogs circulatory system.
Jill at dog spa can observe if your pets skin is to dry or oily and will be able to make suitable dietary recommendations for your dogs well being. The skin of your dog will reflect their diet. If this is imbalanced, your dog may have unhealthy skin and could smell bad.
Routine dog grooming at dog spa will reduce shedding. A lot of loose hair/fur is removed during the grooming process from blow drying and brushing.
Avoid mats:
Mats are balls of hair/fur that get knotted. They are painful because they pull the skin tight and can lead to skin ulcers, abrasions and other serious problems. Mats can be extremely difficult to remove and often require a complete shave down. With a regular professional groom at dog spa most mats and tangles can be prevented.
The benefits of dog grooming extend far beyond just making the dog look good. Grooming improves the mental state of your dog and their behavior. When a dog has fleas they will bite the flea and fleas are part of the cycle that causes tapeworms. Tapeworms are transferable to humans.
We recommend a visit to dog spa every 4-6 weeks to give your dog the best quality of life and to maintain their mental and physical health.

At dog spa when your dog has a flea treatment we don’t use a regular flea shampoo full of toxic chemicals we prefer to use a natural shampoo made from the yucca root. Mojave Yucca’s extract contains alkaloids that affect the shell of insects by instantly causing cells to weaken, collapse or leak. This attribute makes Quadruped’s yucca products a safe choice for pets with fleas, ticks, mites and helps soothe fungal and bacterial related issues. Mojave Yucca extract also contains a high source of steroidal saponins which are detergents that enhance the body’s production of its own natural cortisone without pushing the body beyond normal limits. This makes Quadruped yucca-infused products perfect for relieving many inflammatory skin related problems while aiding in the cleaning and maintenance of skin and coat. Without all the chemicals you can naturally relieve your dog of fleas. Ask about other natural ways to treat your home and yard for fleas or go to wondercide website for all natural pest control products.

Is your cat or dog destroying your furniture, carpet, home? Does your pet lack mobility due to long nails? If you do not properly trim your pets nails it can prohibit them from walking and running which is not only painful it can deform the way that they walk and can create other health problems in the future. By having me come to your home where the pet is most comfortable and cut your pets nails monthly you will be giving your beloved pet the best quality of life and you will save your home, carpet, and furniture.

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